Artistic career

• Born in Moscow in 1978;


• 1984–1989 Artisanal Decorative studio;


• 1989–1996 Moscow State Academic Art Lyceum named after V.I. Surikov;


• 1996–2002 Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after V.I. Surikov;


• since 2002 Member of Moscow Art Union;


• 2002 till present — working on art projects.

Regular participant of Russian and International Art Exhibitions.
Works are kept in private collections in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Copenhagen, Venice, Berlin, San-Diego, and New York.


Creating my works, I tend to arouse spectators’ imagination. It is important for me not only to enable the audience for aesthetics, but also to give them an opportunity to discover their inner artist exploring my art and diving into their own feelings and emotions.

When I am looking for new ways to transfer images through the shape, volume or line, new and original ideas are born. For example, in one of my collections, kokoshnik is used as a symbol of female authenticity which I have transformed into unusual shapes and silhouettes.

One of my favourite materials is bronze. The combination of contrasting qualities – hardness and plasticity – allows to experience several distinct stages while working with this metal: first, modelling while the material is soft, then wax casting and, finally, bronze casting. There is a sculpture transformation at each stage, where a thought and idea are fixed which initially had been found in the work.

I am deeply impressed by the power of shape, mightiness and the beauty of detail in Ancient Greek sculpture. I admire Michelangelo, Masaccio, Guido Mazzoni, Filippo Lippi, Donatello and many other artists of the Renaissance period. Apart from that, you can always find albums with work by various 20th century sculptors on my desk, including Marino Marini, Manzu, Giacometti and other Russian artists of that age.